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1950s Let's All Play FLOOR CROQUET ALLEN WOOD PRODUCTS LTD Canada, only $34.95!

1950s Let's All Play FLOOR CROQUET ALLEN WOOD PRODUCTS LTD Canada, Buy it NOW $34.95!

Vintage 1950s Let's All Play FLOOR CROQUET ALLEN WOOD PRODUCTS LIMITED No. 1050, Canada:
Please take the time to read the description below so you know what you are potentially buying:
This is a real classic Vintage Wooden Canadian made Collectible Toy Croquet Set is
clearly labelled made by "A Canadian product" made by ALLEN WOOD PRODUCTS LIMITED of Fenelon Falls ontario, Canada.
I am not sure of the exact year of this toy but the company only existed from the mid 1940s to early 1970s,
and based on the colors and design of te box with real old lithos and fashion, i looks to be mid 1950s.
This toy is a wonderful classic made almost 100% of wood (nicely painted) with the hoops made of copper wire.
ALLEN WOOD PRODUCTS LIMITED was a well know wood toy maker of stuck like wood ducks nad trains,
but was well known for being the licensed maker of TINKR TOYS in the 1960s.
The set, comes in amazing shape with the original Color Lithoraph Cardboard sales box
(labelled made by Robinson Idustrusies Hamilton On) which measures 21 inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 2 inches in height.
Please note this is an INDOOR set which is slightly smaller in scale.
Also included with this floor croquet set are the following:
--> 4 Wooden mallets in excellent shape: Red, Blue, yellow, and Green (each mallet around 20 inches in length).
--> 4 Wooden croquet balls in excellent shape: Red, Blue, yellow, and Green.
--> 9 Copper wire Hoops in very good game ready shape (1 is missing).
--> 2 Red wooden Croquet End wickets.
--> 1 Oriignal Sales Box in very good shape, but with 2 minor tape tears on the upper lid, inside is very clean with no mildew.
Overall all parts are gently used from age but are still in excellent working condition.
All wooden parts and clean and solid, and all painted parts have nice bold clean colors with no peeling or fading
Please look at the Photos to see more details, this is a real rare Canadian toy find.
WHAT A GREAT NICE VINTAGE FIND FOR people seeking out rate CANADIAN MADE TOYS that belong in a private collection or Museum.
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