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THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW LP 1964 CAPITAL Records Canada LTD 12 inch 33RPM Vinyl Record: only 18.95!

Vintage THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW LP 1964 CAPITAL Records Canada LTD 12" 33RPM Vinyl Record: only $24.99

Please take the time to read below so you know what you are buying:
Something New, issued 20 July, 1964, is The Beatles third Capitol LP release and fifth American album overall,
following the United Artists release of A Hard Day's Night.
The album includes eight songs from the original British release of A Hard Day's Night, as well as the tracks "Slow Down" and "Matchbox"
from the Long Tall Sally EP and the German-language version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand".
The album was released in both mono and stereo versions.
All MONO mixes of the five songs duplicated from the United Artists soundtrack album are identical on both releases.
Something New was the only early Capitol Beatles album to contain all tracks in true stereo.
The mono release contains alternative versions of "Any Time At All" (a different mix during the instrumental bridge),
"I'll Cry Instead" (with the "missing" third verse), "When I Get Home" (the line "Till I walk out that door again" during the song's bridge has a different vocal passage from the UK mono mix),
"If I Fell" (Lennon's non-double-tracked introductory vocal),
and "And I Love Her" (McCartney's non-double-tracked vocal).
This amazing Vinyl record is in high fidelity MONO, and published in 1964 by CAPITAL Records of Canada LTD.
It has the Catalog Number T 2108, and the vinyl record has the number T-X-2-2108.
The MONO version of this record is the harder to find version with several alternate versions listed above.
The record comes in an aged cardboard cover but has been tested by me on my pioneer player and is its has been cleaned and plays like it has only been gently used.
The vinyl itself has only some very minor tiny scratches, and is flat with no warping.
The vinyl looks really nice, and I have played both sides and it plays end to end ok with no skips and no noticeable flaws.
It includes the original vinyl record, and a Capital Records SOMETHING NEW Album Cover, which has some imperfections.
The front cover has one noticable tape tear, and peeling around the edges, and the back has a water stain along the bottom.
The ood news is the color cover art of the Fab 4 Performing is in great shape and is nice and clean.
What an Amazing THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW ORIGINAL Vinyl LP for one small price ready for your classic BEATALEMANIA Rock Collection!
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