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ELKINGTON & CO SILVER PLATE 57 Quality Oval 25 cm Heavy QUEEN ELIZABETH HOTEL LOG: only $10.99!

Antique ELKINGTON & CO SILVER PLATE 57 Quality Oval 25 cm Heavy QUEEN ELIZABETH HOTEL LOGO: only $10.99

Please take the time to read below so you know what you are buying:
This awesome hard to find nice original 1957 vintage Silver Plate heavy oval Dish,
is clearly labelled on the base "Elkinton Plate & Co. England", a company founded in late 1800s in Birmingham England.
details of this company and markings can be ID'ed at this site:
The The Item also has the number '57 in large font and is also enscribed "Supplied by Cassidy's".
And even more interesting is on the top Side there is a Maple leaf with a Queen's crown and Cursive E which
is the oriignal logo of CP's hotel logo for the Newly built Queen Elizabeth Hotel in 1956-1957.
So i suspect that this tray is from the enscribed year of 1957.
I am not sure but this item was most likely a Small room service serving tray from the legendary hotel.
It measures 10 inches in length (25 cm), and the shorter side is is 7 1/2 Inches in with (19 cm)
It is entirely made of a heavy stong base metal (possibly lead alloy), with an Elkinton Electro Silverplate.
It is quite thik and weighs over a pound (480 grams).
The item has a nice clasic oval shape and has a good original patina to it.
All metal parts are clearly aged with a noticable patina but and looks to be in excellent condition.
It displays very nicely and look to have most of the original silver is still intact.
THIS IS A REAL REAL OLD Elkinton Plate & Co. and a canadian Classic Hotel Collectible for for FANS OF ALL AGES!
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