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Vintage 1986 G1 Transformers Triple Changer Helicopter SPRINGER Robot Figure: Buy Now for only $14.99

Vintage 1986 G1 Transformers Triple Changer Helicopter SPRINGER Robot Figure : Buy Now for only $14.99!

What a collectible!
This classic 1986 hard to find is an Original Rub-Sign and also was a a more rare
second wave Triple Changer Transformer whicg can be a robot, helicopter and a ground vehicle.
The toy is clearly labelled made by by HASBRO TAKARA and is made in Japan.
The figures comes loose with no accessories (missing helicopter propellor and gun)
in a nice original green and yellow colours with original decals carefully stuck.
The figure is TIGHT and can transform smoothly.
Overall, this SPRINGER is gently used and remains super excellent condition with all original decals and original rub-sign.
I have found when it comes to quality of original decals and tightness of limbs
for legs and arms which is hard to find on the old g1 models, but this one is an exception.
His body and all adjustable parts are in fantastic shape and are all very clean.
All of the moving parts needed to transform him are tight and click smoothly in and out of place,
and even the feet and fold in arms are very nice and tight.
The Decals are all present and in excellent shape, see pictures that show them all.
A real hard G1 1986 Classic G1 Transformer Triple Changer Helicopter for a super low price!
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Picture 2
Picture 3
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