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Uranium Vaseline Depression Glass HAZEL ATALAS 4 inch COLONIAL BLOCK SUGAR BOWL: Only Only $19.99

VINTAGE Uranium Vaseline Depression Glass HAZEL ATALAS 4 inch COLONIAL BLOCK SUGAR BOWL: Only $19.99

Please take the time to read below so you know what you are potentially buying.
This hard to find hard 1930's vintage depression Uranium Glass double handled SUGAR BOWL
with nice art deco COLONIAL BLOCK pattern is clearly labeled on the bottom with the Large H with small A for HAZEL ATLAS.
As tested in the photos, when put in a dark room with a black light it glows bright GREEN
which is the standing test that shows it is Uranium Glass also called Vaseline Glass.
in fact this piece always emits a nice bright green in edges and has a tendency to reflect under various light sources.
See the following link for more details about this old radio active glass:
This nice depression glass (maybe older) 1920s to 1930s sugar bowl is double handled and has great square block detail which looks hand blown.
It measures 4 inches in diameter without the handles and 6 inches with the handles, and is 3 7/8 inches in height.
Overall the glass dish is aged a bit is in SUPER Excellent condition
It has NO FLAWS at all and looks almost new off the shelf.
It has NO chips, and has no scratches, no hairline cracks and no stains.
Basically this is a near perfect Uranium glass collectible.
A great CLASSIC GREEN Tinted Vaseline Uranium Glass Hazel Atlas Sugar Bowl for FANS OF ALL AGES!!
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