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Antique 1878 Blue MAYO's Cut Plug CHOICE VIRGINIA Lunch Pail Metal Tobacco Tin: only $22.99!

Antique 1878 Blue MAYO's Cut Plug CHOICE VIRGINIA Lunch Pail Metal Tobacco Tin: only $22.99

Please take the time to read below so you know what you are buying:
NOTE, this is an empty tin, no Tobacco is being sold with this item.
This really antique 19th century lunch pail shaped metal tobacco tin was
Manufactured Mayo Tobacco Works of Richmond Virginia, and is made in the USA.
I am not sure of the exact year of make but this style of dates way back to the 19th century
and the front and back of the box has a trade mark from 1878.
Mayo Tobacco Works was also very famous for both real old vintage Baseball and Football cards from 19th century as well.
This real old tin comes with its original hinged lid and a large oval handle
and was commonly called the "Lunch Pail Model" because many of the companies factory workers used them as lunch pails
after they had been emptied of the tobacco.
Overall, this is a real old tin and had a great deal of aged with much corrosion but is still in good condition.
The Upper lid has the most wear with a heavy wear and even after some turtle wax cleaning, still over 80%
has been worn or scraped away and what is left on the lid is scratched and rusted.
The 4 Blue lithographed sides are in much better shape, still with a lot of wear and worn away sections but are 75% intact.
The bottom inside like the lid has a great deal of corrosion and it even got a small hole from the rust worn through.
The INSIDE is is mostly in good shape but does have the standard age from wear.
The good news, it does have the original large oval handle, and it also has the original front latch to close the lid.
Although it is very aged, the Mayo's names and trade mark's on all 4 side are very clear and display nicely.
For the age and extreme rarity of the tin, this is a real decent collectible specimen for a discount price.
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