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Vintage PETER PUCK Love That Hockey Game Tin Coin Bank - Hanna Barbara: only 24.99!

Vintage THE BEATLES SOMETHING NEW LP 1964 CAPITAL Records Canada LTD 12" 33RPM Vinyl Record: only $24.99

Please take the time to read below so you know what you are buying:
This awesome coin bank is from 1979 and is copyrighted by Hanna Barbera productions.
The Story back then, is the NHL executives wanted to get more kids interested in Hockey and watching it on TV,
so they contracted the great Animation genius's of Hanna Barbera, creator of the Flintstones and Jetsons
to make this cute little hockey cartoon character and put him in some animation shorts to explain
"The rules of hockey" that aired on hockey night in Canada in the first intermission.
It did have moderate success and did spawn a small group of collectibles like lunchboxes, bed sheets, books, and coin banks.
This awesome coin bank with beautiful animated lithos of Peter Puck, is made of lithograph painted tin.
It has the Slogan "Love that Hockey Game" on the sides in English and in French.
The bank measures 7 inches in height, 4 inches wide and is 3 inches deep.
It is complete and comes with the original rubber black stopper on the back side.
On the back it also has the lega definition of a Minor Penalty and a Major Penalty.
Overall, this gem is only gently used, and is in super excellent condition.
It is super clean and all of the cartoon graphics and colors are super nice with no scratches and no fading.
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