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Vintage RARE 1950's SOMERVILLE TIDDLEDY WINKS 5-in-1 Combination GAME Canada: only 24.99!

Vintage RARE 1950's SOMERVILLE TIDDLEDY WINKS 5-in-1 Combination GAME Canada: only $24.99

Please take the time to read below so you know what you are buying:
This awesome real old fashioned Combination 5 different games in 1
is a Canadian Edition made by SOMERVILLE games Ltd. and is made in London Ontario, CANADA.
I am not sure of the exact year of make of the game
but the box and its contents all look to be from the Postwar era late 1940's to early 1950's.
I have had a few of these before but very rarely with graphics this old and vintage.
The game has been inspected and looks to be almost complete with colored (7 large, 10 small)
plastic TIDDLEDY game launch discs, original Game Board, red plastic center cup,
15 WOODEN red Bowling pins (5 extra), and all yellow colored cardboard inserts with the sales box!!!
To be specific included with this game are the following components:
--> 1 Original Sales box with all original cardboard inserts, in EXCELLENT CONDITION.
It is Super clean, with 1 small TEAR to one of the upper left side corner, it has NO MOLD, and NO STAINS.
To find one like this with no retaped corners and no water stains will be very hard.
The upper lid has NO split corners and all 4 edges show only a small amount of wear.
Please see the pictures below to see the corners.
Also, the Inserts are like new and are super clean.
--> 17 Plastic round game dics of red (7), blue (5) green (3) yellow (1) and purple colors (1).
--> 15 WOODEN Red bowling pins for the various alternate games.
--> 1 Original INSERT Game Board and yellow side box insert in almost new Excellent Condition.
--> Original Instruction sheets printed on the underside of the sales box in BOTH English and French!!!
Overall, other than the edge wear to the box on the corners and the noted tear, this game
is in EXCELLENT Condition are ready for playing!!!
WHAT A GREAT HARD TO Find VINTAGE SOMERVILLE TIDDLEDY WINKS 5-in-1 Combination GAME for vintage game fans of all ages.
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